I’ve experimented a lot this year with CIRCULAR, one of my favorite apps, often with surprising results.  I’ve created face-like images…some were deliberate but others materialized unexpectedly.  The source material varied, ranging from photos of presidential hopefuls shot off my television screen during the debates, a photo of a box of cherry tomatoes, to a photo of a colorful tow truck that arrived to replace the battery in my car and others!   These are from my “Class of 2016” .  


Love Heals "What's Your Sign? Mural Project" by Elsa Gary

Brooklyn, New York has a vibrant street art scene and last fall, Love Heals, The Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education, launched the ”What's Your Sign? Mural Project” in my neighborhood, Prospect Heights, at the corner of St. John’s Place and Underhill Avenue.  Its purpose was to raise public awareness for the HIV/AIDS crisis among New York’s Black and Latino youth.

At the center of the group of zodiac paintings, curated by Jeff Beler and Franke Velez, was a portrait, by Jeff Henriquez, of Ali Gertz, an early New York AIDS activist who died at the age of 26 in 1992 as a result of a one-time sexual encounter 10 years earlier. After being diagnosed with AIDS, she became a crusader, making her story public as a warning to heterosexuals, particularly women and children at a time when the AIDS epidemic was believed to be confined to homosexual men, intravenous drug abusers and blood-transfusion recipients. She drew international attention and was featured on the cover of People magazine and was named Woman Of The Year by Esquire.

I really enjoyed walking by frequently and observing the progress of the installation and photographing the art every chance I got!   Here are some of my favorites.

Subway Series by Elsa Gary

When it comes to great places for people-watching, it doesn't get much better than New York City, and it's hard to beat the subway as a venue for observing human behavior!  Since the subway is my main means of transportation in New York, I find interesting and compelling compositions almost daily and have begun work on a personal project...a Subway Series.    Sleeping, reading, and listening to music are prevalent subway activities and i also like to capture "Relationship Scenes." There are three additional Subway Scenes in the People section of my Portfolio and I will pick up this project when i return to Brooklyn next month so many more images are to come.

SnAPPS by Elsa Gary

After decades in Southern California, my husband and I decided to shake up our lives and we traded the natural beauty of Malibu for a more inspired life in Brooklyn, N.Y.  We are now splitting our time between Brooklyn and Park City, taking advantage of the best seasons in each. Our first three months in Brooklyn are over but it was a tremendously stimulating experience and a photographic wonderland.  Photographer/director/fine artist Chase Jarvis’ words “The Best Camera is the one that’s with you” struck a chord and my iPhone6 camera was with me everywhere and very discreet…on the street, in the subway, at museums, theaters, parks, and gardens.  I jumped into the world of mobile photography apps and have begun a new personal project that I call SnAPPs…iPhone photos edited  and transformed with iPhone apps.   New York provided great source material and here are few examples of the original and transformed images.