SnAPPS / by Elsa Gary

After decades in Southern California, my husband and I decided to shake up our lives and we traded the natural beauty of Malibu for a more inspired life in Brooklyn, N.Y.  We are now splitting our time between Brooklyn and Park City, taking advantage of the best seasons in each. Our first three months in Brooklyn are over but it was a tremendously stimulating experience and a photographic wonderland.  Photographer/director/fine artist Chase Jarvis’ words “The Best Camera is the one that’s with you” struck a chord and my iPhone6 camera was with me everywhere and very discreet…on the street, in the subway, at museums, theaters, parks, and gardens.  I jumped into the world of mobile photography apps and have begun a new personal project that I call SnAPPs…iPhone photos edited  and transformed with iPhone apps.   New York provided great source material and here are few examples of the original and transformed images.